Tuesday 6 November 2018

The Science Centre
Telegraph Way
SO21 1HZ

7.00 – 9.30pm

Excuse me, I'm looking for the ping-pong table and my girlfriend.

Stylish Austrian drama about a man searching for his girlfriend, and himself, in the bizarre world of an alpine wellness resort. Wonderful casting and standout performance by actor Rasmus Luthander. English German and Swedish, with English subtitles. Directed by Bernhard Wenger .

Maneki Neko

Mind-boggling, multi-award-winning Greek drama that magically entwines the desires of two strangers that meet in a taxi. Directed by Manolis Mavris.


Emotional Dutch drama about a mother who’s life is turned upside-down when an unfathomable urge prompts her to cross a line into a place beyond reason. With stellar performance by Sophie van Winden. Directed by Joren Molter.

Eternal Recurrence of a Deep Sleep

Hypnotic Iranian drama that follows the lives of seemingly random people on a strange night. Persian with English subtitles. Directed by Mohammad Moravej.

Pure White

Exquisitely crafted German animated short about a ‘damaged’ being in a seemingly perfect world searching for answer from its creator. Directed by Sven Windszus.

Meat Juice

A psychedelic feast, with beans, by director Ian Roberts.  

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