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Contact details, Key dates and links to all you need for an amazing festival experience

General enquiries: myfilm@winchesterfilmfestival.com
Film files (Mp4 or .mov) send to filmfile@winchesterfilmfestival.com
Enquiries about accommodation and travel: myfilm@winchesterfilmfestival.com
Enquiries about attending screenings: john@winchesterfilmfestival.com

Phone enquiries: +44 (0)7734 470633 (standard and WhatsApp)

IMPORTANT  NEWS – Please read this if you have submitted a film to the 2020 edition of the festival.

Firstly, we at Winchester Film Festival hope that you are safe and well.

During global COVID_19 pandemic it has been a testing a challenging time for everyone, most of whom have had to reschedule commitments and, sometimes, sadly cancel them.  As a festival, our priority is both to the honour our commitment to filmmakers and to ensure the safety of you and the viewing public. We are also of the belief that festivals require real people in real places in order for filmmakers and audiences to get the full festival experience, so we have discarded the option of an online festival. Taking all this into consideration, we have rescheduled the WFF 2020 edition for May 2021.

However, the Long List and the Official Selection will be announced as planned, on 1st October 2020 and 1st November 2020 respectively.

If you are a filmmaker who has submitted a film in 2020 and have not received an email from us, please contact us immediately at myfilm@winchesterfilmfestival.com
It is of paramount importance to us that all filmmakers are kept up-to-date with the progress of their film. As far as we are aware we have confirmed receipt of every film that has been entered and sent emails to every filmmaker about the progress of their film. However, sometimes these emails are missed, blocked or diverted to spam. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can welcome you properly and treat your film with the enormous respect it deserves. Thank you. 


IMPORTANT: Please read all of this page as it contains vital information for filmmakers about film files, screenings,  complimentary tickets laurels, travel, accommodation, photographs & reviews. 

LIVE WFF_2020 Long List  announced here on 1st October 2020 

WFF_2020 Official Selection announced here on 1 November 2020 at 18:00

Official Selection Laurels for films in categories: 
Best Feature Film
Best Foreign Short Film
Best British Short film
Best Short Documentary
Best Animated Short
Download here from 10th November 2020  

Official Selection laurels for films in the category:
Hampshire Prize
Download here form 10th November 2020

Official Selection Laurels for films in category:
Best New Foreign Director
Best New British Director
Download here from 10th November 2020

Full Festival Programme available here from February 2021

Film Files  for all films in the Official Selection to be sent by 30th November 2020  to filmfile@winchesterfilmfestival.com 

WFF_2020 Winners and Special Mentions will be announced on the home page on the final day of the festival week, which we envisage to be sometime in May.  

Laurels for winners and special mentions available to download here from the final day of the festival week.

Complimentary tickets to screenings. All filmmakers who entered WFF_2020 are allocated 2 complimentary tickets to all screenings.
Waiver code: FILMMAKER2020

Official festival photographs available here from after the festival week. 

Official festival film footage and interviews with filmmakers can be viewed here after the festival week.

Film Reviews
Available here within two weeks after the festival ends.

Winchester Filmmakers Information Pack can be downloaded here from March 2021

Filmmakers’ Social: Dates to be confirmed as soon as  screenings confirmed and Box Office goes live, which we envisage to be some time  in January 2021.  All filmmakers in the Official Selection are invited to attend.  

Open for Entries WFF_2022 here on June 2021  

Official Selection
If your film is included in the Official Selection, congratulations! If your film is not included, while we imagine that you may be disappointed, please do not be disheartened as there has been a very fine line between those selected and those not selected. 

Film Files
Please send you film as an Mp4 (unless we have emailed you specifically for another file format), either via Wetransfer or another similar  platform, to filmfile@winchesterfilmfestival.com

Films screened during the festival week are published here in January 2021. Not all films on the Official Selection will be screened during the festival week, though all films from Official Selection will be screened at WFF screenings throughout the year, details of which will appear on the festival box office.

Attending the screening of your film

If your film is being screened during the festival week (May 2021) could you please confirm before March 1st  2021 to myfilm@winchesterfilmfestival.com, 
if you can introduce your film at its screening in Winchester, and be available for a filmed interview prior to or after the screening. Details of the screening of your film will be published on the Box Office from February 2021. We strongly recommend that you attend the screening of your film if you are able to.

Unable to attend the screening of your film

If you are unable to attend the screening of your film, please send max 60 second video introduction to your film, to be showed prior to the screening of your film, to filmfile@winchesterfilmfestival.com

Awards and Prizes
All films included in the Official Selection will be eligible for the WFF_2020/21 awards. Films not screened during the festival week are no less likely to be award winners than those films screened during the festival week. The Winners and Special Mentions of each category will be announced  during the festival week.

Award Ceremony
Due to the COVID_19 pandemic it is uncertain whether there will be an onsite black-tie Gala Award Ceremony this year, though we will be monitoring the situation. 



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For enquiries about partnerships and sponsorships, please email enquiries@wfa.uk.com 

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