Monday 11 November 2019

Winchester HiFi
29 Jewry Street
SO23 8RY

6.30 – 9.30pm

The Boogeyman

Eerie American drama that challenges modern social standards through the story of a young woman who is led through the door to womanhood by a local legend that is at once a monster, mother, goddess and seductress.
Directed by Erica Scoggins.


Eye-opening and surprising Icelandic drama about  a forbidden act and a pained woman’s obsession with her religion.
Directed by Thora Hilmarsdottir.

Your Last Day on Earth

Surreal Spanish comedy of man who breaks the limits of spacetime to reunite with his lost wife.
Directed by Marc Martinez Jordán.


Hypnotic poem set in Copacabana, narrated by Fausto Fawcett and sonorized by Arnaldo Brandão.
Directed by Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif.

Doing Big Jobs

Original German comedy- drama featuring love, jealousy, a bit of cocaine and a woman with terrible indigestion.
Directed by Johannes Huth.

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Find out what we’re up to – follow us on social media


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