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If your film is included in the Official Selection, congratulations!

All films included in the Official Selection are eligible for the WFF_2023 Official Selection laurels.
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If your film is not included, please do not be disheartened as the selection process is not solely based on merit, but is  influenced by the task of the festival curators to choose between many superb films in their pursuit of a balanced festival programme which has been tailored to specific themes and audiences.

Important information for filmmakers in the Official Selection  

Our social media handle is @winchesterfilm (instagram & Twitter) 

For all communication about your film, please contact

For urgent enquiries text or call: +44 (0)7734470633 (WhatsApp Only)

About the Festival
Winchester Film Festival 2023 takes place in two parts. Part 1 is in November 2023. Part 2 takes place in February 2024. In the coming days you will receive an email about when your film will be screened, with the vast majority of films being screened in Part 2 of the Festival in February 2024.  You will also receive an email about Q&A opportunities, interviews and complimentary tickets. 

The Award Winners and Special Mentions of each category will be announced during Part 2 of the festival, which will take place in February 2024.  (dates to be confirmed).

If the title of details of your  film or a film you represent are not correct, please contact us at (using as subject matter: Correction 2023 + title of your film) so that we can correct it immediately. We know how important this is to you.

WFF_2023 Official Selection

Feature Film Award

Bright House | Rouhollah Hejazi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Eleanor Slaughter | Chris Chan Roberson | United States

Flathead | Andrew Modeen | United States

The Annoyed | Mehdi Fard Ghaderi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Lies We Tell Ourselves | Saara Lamberg | Australia

Traces | Dubravka Turic | Croatia

Best Foreign Short Film

Adieu Gaston | Victor Guilbaud | France

Back & Forth | Che Chun Hei | Hong Kong

Beyond the Sea | Hippolyte Leibovici | Belgium

Cleaner | Edwin Mullane | Ireland

Close | Markus Tolvo | Spain

Erosion | Maryam Ghasemi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Falling Up | Maryam Bakhtiari | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Fully Effaced | Sophie Artus | Israel

Gray House | Bahram Afshari | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Her Mother’s Eyes | Sawyer Macres | United States

I Promise You Paradise | Morad Mostafa | Egypt

La Première | Nadav Lapid | France

Lady | Fardin Ansari | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Matapang | Léa-Jade Horlier | France

Mirage | Nazanin Ghanbari Mohammadi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Mixed | Mina Sadat Hosseini | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Naked Men in the Woods | Paul Ploberger | Austria

No | Kavoos Aghaei | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Parvaz Mahiha | Mohammad Towrivarian | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Pregnant |Golnaz Jamsheed | Iran

Presto | Keyvan Ahmadi | Iran

Privacy | Habib Zahirnia, Meisam Amiri Hoseini | Iran, Islamic Republic of

REM | Muhammadreza Yarikia | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Rooftop | Nevena Nikolova, Petar Gerzilov | Bulgaria

Slight Pain | Poya Nabi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Somewhere to Stay | Amirhossein Hatami | Iran

Subzero | Laleh Noureddin Mousa

Survivers | Carlos Gómez-Trigo | Spain

Survivor | Karim Azimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Bathtub | Sergi Marti Maltas | Spain

The Last Dinner | Marie-Ange Casalta | France

The Naming of the Things | Gadi Rubin | United States

The Old Young Crow | Liam LoPinto | Japan

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Steak | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Two Lives of Sepideh | Soha Niasti | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Unjustified | Mohammad R. Khavari | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Vis A Vis | Soheil Kiani | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Witness | Aida tebianian | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Best British Short Film

Baby Boy | Greg Hall

By Any Other Name | Daniel Deville

By the time I came looking you were already gone | Inti Rowland

Chairs | James Hughes

Don’t Choke | Sonny Baez

First Timers | Hector Bell

Kind-Hearted Intermission | Ian Roberts

ManMade | Plum Stupple-Harris

Ruth | Paul Romero Méndez, Arturo M. Antolín

Scavengers | Hugo Cavalier

Tell Me You Love Me | Paulette Randall MBE

The Liver | Daniel Brereton

The Pink Pill | Cassiah Joski-Jethi

The Tortuer | Peyman Mandegar

The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Ballad of the Cuck and the Eunuch |  Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey

Toast | Lawrence Rowe

Unthinkable Conversations | Emma Richardson

Best Short Documentary

Berook | Andreas Johansson | Sweden

Beyond the Facade | Tiara Symone Jamison | United States

Culture Talk on the Radio | Errkaa | Germany

Best Animated Short

Kicking a ball really hard into the face of a child (and the subsequent act of revenge) | Ian Roberts | United Kingdom

love bubbles | Marcel Hobi | Switzerland

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Best Foreign New Director

Dawn of Death | Armin Rajaei 

Don Javier | Alejandro Llamas  

Falling Up | Maryam Bakhtiari  

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi 

Pregnant | Golnaz Jamsheed 

Survivor | Karim Azimi 

The last Dinner | Marie-Ange Casalta 

The Old Young Crow | Liam LoPinto 

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi 

The Steak | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi 

Best British New Director

A Dream Dark Day | Aaron Stephen Bishop

Heart’s Desire | Loren Alleyne

Short Stay, Long Stay | Danny Carter


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