WFF_2019 Short List

Important Information for filmmakers

If your film is included in the WFF_19 Short List (not eligible for laurels), films selected for the  WFF_2019 Official Selection (eligible for Official Selection laurels and screened during the festival week or at special festival screenings during the year) will be published from 5th October 2019.  The Winners and special mentions of each category will be announced during the festival week.

In the event that your film is selected for the Official Selection, published on 5th October, could you please confirm before 10th October to, if you can:

1. Introduce your film at its screening (between 10th-16th November 2019) in Winchester, and be available for a filmed interview prior to or after the screening. 

1a. If you are unable to attend the screening of your film, create a max 60 second video introduction to your film, to be showed prior to the screening of your film.

Complimentary screening tickets
As a Long Listed filmmaker you are eligible for free tickets to all screenings, which can be accessed through our Box Office at
For your waiver code please contact us at: or 07734 470633


WFF_2019 Short List

04_EMIL_CASTING.mp4 Lili Zahavi
A Snake Marked Juan Riedinger
ABEO Brenda Lopez
Abracadabra Telemach Wiesinger
Across the Lake Brad Hall
After the Beep Florian Bison
Alive Michael Siebert
All Eyes on Me Saber Tatarcheh
Amalgama Alejandra Wills
Angst & Flesh Ricardo Bross
Arthur King – Changing Landscapes Brian Canning & Sam Johnson
As the First Time Emanuela Mascherini
Asheng Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili
Ave Eva Oliwia Twardowska
Be Good James Lawes
California Nuno Baltazar
Chewing Gum Philippe Noguchi
Committed Lee Gilat
Community Gardens Vytautas Katkus
Cover Vahid Alvandifar
Crush My Heart Alexandra Makarová

Cuban Canvas Kavery Kaul
Cumulus Ioan Holland
Danny’s Secret Raphael Biss
Daughter Christian Kinde
Deleted Stephan Pierre Mitchell
Desaturated Marina Stepanska
Dinner With Mum Daniel Harding
Disco Dynamite Tom Clover
Doing Big Jobs Johannes Huth
Don’t Blame Jack Dale John Allen
Drawing Life Luciano Lagares
Dream/Life David (DAVI.IN) Aufdembrinke
Duke Thiago Dadalt
 Chanelle Eidenbenz
Every Six Hours Thomas E. Murphy
Fifteen Peiman Zekavat
Flora Chaerin Im
Funfair Kaveh Mazaheri
Go Go Go Jose Macerola
Goliath Dominik Locher
Grey Snehashish Mondal & Soumi Saha
Happy Days Andy Hui
Hard Koen Feitsma
I am Mackenzie Artemis Anastasiadou
I Grew a Statue Aaron Arens
I’m Listening Katja Korhonen
Inside Tiago Pimentel 
Is That All There Is? Asa Garland
Kopacabana Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif
La llorona Rosana Cuellar
Let’s go to Antarctica! Gonzaga Manso
Lifeblood Laurent Metrich
Light Matter Virgil Widrich
Mariela Victoria Romero
Menuett Felix Karolus
Missing a Note Beth Moran
Mother of Gan de Lange
My brother Juan Cristina Martin Barcelona & Maria José Martin Barcelona
Nation Your Nation Frederick Kelly
Nectar Anthony Zwartouw
Nest Liza Koifman
Never Give Up Jonathan Schörnig
New year’s Eve Hao Zheng
Nobody’s Son Chloe Pemberton
Not Quite the Same Arthur Beauvillain & Marc Chevais
Off the Coast James Hastings
Offseason Ioachim Stroe
On Jelena Sinik
People of the Wasteland 
Heba Khaled
Play Vangelis Liberopoulos
Plunge David James Holloway & Samuel Lawrence
Portraitist Cyrus Neshvad
Portraits of my Mother Tavo Ruiz
Prisoner of Society Rati Tsiteladze
Pygmalion André Hoven
Quiet Carriage Ben S. Hyland
Re-displacement Lewis Coates
Residual Noise Tova Dorfman
Roake Joan Cobos
Robbery Of The Heart Micah E. Brandt
Roger Reuben Hamlyn
Salad Foundations Sean Daniels
Salvation Thora Hilmarsdottir
SDtoHDuprezMaxV2_009.mp4 Anna Spence
Second Skin Ismet Ergün & Kerem Ergün
Shear Riyadh Haque
Smack Edd Greg Hall
Socks and Robbers David Lilley
Son of a Dancer Georges Hazim
Sparrow Welby Ings
Spod Ian Roberts
Sports Day
 Lin Tu
St Bernie Elise Tyson
Stalker Christopher Andrews
Stationary Louis Chan
Stekenjokk and the Guardians of the Eggs Per Bifrost & Alexander Rynéus
Sunday 11.00-12.00 Stelios Koukouvitakis
Synchronicity Michella Brand
The 8th Year of the Emergency Maureen Towey
The Act of Devouring Emir Ziyalar
The Boogeywoman Erica Scoggins
The Boy at Platform 3 Michael Daniel Vetter
The Cloud Zachary Hill
The Curious Child Howard Vause
The Death of Don Quixote Miguel Faus
The Evie Project Mickaela Drew
The Great President Giovanni Basso
The Green Man Nicolas Motte
The Happiest Couple Alive Daniel Nogueira
The Knock Christopher Villiers
The Last Mermaid Fi Kelly
The Mischief Makers Laura Taubman
The Motion of Stars Jan Prazak
The Old Man and the Dead Amirreza Falaki
The Olden Heralds Luis Alejandro Yero
The Quiet Redheye Jegatheva
The Replacement Sean Miller
The State Against Mandela and the Others Nicolas Champeaux & Gilles Porte
The Visit Christian Werner
Their Story Joe Harvey
Their War Max Mason
Thirsty Eyes – 838 Ioan Gavriel
This Time Away Magali Barbe
Three Lior Soroka
Till the End of the World Florence Bouvy
Time Machine Jan Bujnowski
Trouble Alexandra Woolley
Tunnel James Coe
Two bodies on a Beach Anna Paavilainen
Under Mom’s Skirt Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Unexpected Mateusz Bulawa
Unseen Lotus Hannon
Weltschmerz Jesper Dalgaard
White Guys Solve Sexism Christopher Guerrero
Wither Nicolette Axiak
Your Colour Maria Diane Ventura
Your Last Day on Earth Marc Martínez Jordán

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