WFF_2023 Long List

Important information for filmmakers

Below are the films that have been selected for the WFF_2023 Long List. 

The  Long List contains the films selected by the Screening Panel to be put forward for consideration by the Selection Panel for the Short List, from where the Official Selection Panel  will select films for  the Official Selection (the films selected for screening).  

Films selected for the WFF_2023 Official Selection (screened at the festival and eligible for laurels) will be published on 4th November 2023. 

The Award Winners and Special Mentions of each category will be announced during part 2 of the festival, which will take place in February 2024.  (dates to be confirmed).

Please note that only films included in the WFF_2023 Official Selection are eligible for festival laurels

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If your film or a film you represent is included in this Long List and the title or director’s name are not correct, please contact us at (using as subject matter: Correction to Short List 2023 + title of your film) so that we can correct it immediately. We know how important this is to you.

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WFF_2023 Long List

Feature Film Award

back home | Nisha Platzer | Canada 

Balika | Aitor Sánchez Smith, Lander Ibarretxe | Spain 

Beloved | Yaser Talebi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Better together | Anastasia Vasileva | Russian Federation 

Bright House | Rouhollah Hejazi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Cage : Between Two Battles | Cenk İzgören | Turkey 

Destiny | Yaser Talebi | Norway 


Eleanor Slaughter | Chris Chan Roberson | United States 

Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel | Alex Kruz | United States 

Finally Nearly Getting There | James Card | United Kingdom 

Flathead | Andrew Modeen | United States 

Grey Matter | Arabella Burfitt-Dons | United Kingdom 

Hölderlin’s Echo | Hannes Rall, Susanne Marschall | Germany 

Just Let Me Go | Luis Miguel Boliqueime Diogo | Portugal 

Mother & Wild | Mark Forbes | United Kingdom 

Nowhere | Tim Seyfert | United Kingdom 

Only Love Matters | Dr Kamran Qureshi| United Kingdom 

Orbital | Maysam Hassanzade | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Passing Through | David Walter Hall | United Kingdom 

Punch drunk | Adel Tabrizi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Remi Milligan: Lost Director | Samuel Lodato | United Kingdom 

Sabrás dónde encontrarme | Oliver Ramos | Spain 

Skinjacker | David Izatt | United Kingdom 

Sofía will return | Joaquín Lisón | Spain

That Great British Documentary | Joan Hillery | United Kingdom 

The Annoyed | Mehdi Fard Ghaderi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Flight of the Massaïa | Nabil Bouraghda | France 

The Lies We Tell Ourselves | Saara Lamberg | Australia 

The Raw youth | Matin Sajadi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

To Have Time | Mario Alejandro Arias, Gabriela Alonso Martínez, Nicolás Martín Ruiz | Spain 

Traces | Dubravka Turic | Croatia 

Transformation | Saeed Mayahy | Turkey 

Ujan Story | Shahram Badakhshan Mehr | Armenia 

War Blade | Nicholas Winter | United Kingdom 

Who buries the undertaker? | Andreas Schmidbauer, Tanja Schmidbauer | Germany 

Wounded Psyche | Meysam Jafrinejadsedehi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Best Foreign Short Film

A Drop of Blood from Nazanin | Kavoos Aghaei | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

A minute’s silence | Mohammad Pourriahi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

A Piece of You | Hadi Nouri | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

A Visit From Home | Seyf Naman | Switzerland 

Adieu Gaston | Victor Guilbaud | France 

Alikija | Hamid Vatanparast| Iran, Islamic Republic of  

Anemone | Alicia Hernanpérez Hidalgo | Spain 

Another Day | Sahand khalaj | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Back & Forth | Che Chun Hei | Hong Kong 

Bad blood | Mario Mariño Luezas, Jose Manuel Manero Hernández | Spain 

Berlin Rising | Vincent Janssen | Germany 

Beyond the Sea | Hippolyte Leibovici | Belgium 

Birthday | Nobuyuki Morikawa | Japan 

Black Flowers | Stefania Dall’Armi | United Kingdom 

Bodies | Dimitris Vrouvas | Greece 

Bohemia by the Sea  | Diminik Enzi | Austria 

Boxing Day | Leigh Schilling | Australia 

Braille | Behrad Ezzati | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Caged | Orestis Rouskas | Greece 

Camping | Derek Quick | United States 

Chuva | Erik Cruz | Brazil 

Cleaner | Edwin Mullane | Ireland 

Close | Markus Tolvo | Spain 

Cocoon | Saeed bojnordi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Dance in Nothing | Sina Hadadi, Ali Rostami | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Der Bruder | Jeremias Zeh | Austria 

Destructive Sleep Apnea | Yurii Boiko | Ukraine 

Ecciù | Sole Tonnini | Italy 

Een Saam (Farther) | Josh Hundermark | South Africa 

Erosion | Maryam Ghasemi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Exchange | Barzan Rostami | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Falling Up | Maryam Bakhtiari | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Fast Car | Fabio Cordero | Spain 

Feeling Good Tonight | Yuchen Zhou | United Kingdom

Field | Meijing Lü | China 

First Time | Scotty Baker | United States 

Fixing Things | J. Prazak | Jan Prazak | Austria 

Footsteps | Hamed Bahrami | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

For Child Never Born | Afsaneh Aghanezhad, Vali Bagheri | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Frozen Life | Vahid Aalam | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Fully Effaced | Sophie Artus | Israel 

Gangrene | Ignacio Gil Toresano | Spain 

Gladiators | Maryam Rahimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

God Level | César Tormo | Spain 

Gray House | Bahram Afshari | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Hangman | Megan Brotherton | United States 

Happen to Happen | Julie Joohee Jeon | Korea, Republic of 

Head Eaters | Pedram Gharehbaghi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Her Mother’s Eyes | Sawyer Macres | United States 

Here Lies Bird | Douglas Lennox-Salinas | United States 

Hope | Volkan GİRGİN | Turkey 

I Promise You Paradise | Morad Mostafa | Egypt 

Ilunga | Klaudia Magdalena Pachuta | Poland 

It’s Only Me | Barbara Elbinger | United Kingdom 

Ivania | Luigi Abanto | Spain 

Jaan’s Day | Freddy Lond | Estonia 

Jouissance | Sadeq Es-haqi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Judge | Nicolo Pozzali | Italy 

La Première | Nadav Lapid | France 

Lachie & John | Lee McClenaghan | Australia 

Lady | Fardin Ansari | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

left behind | Hamed Bahrami | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Lucky Coin! | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Lupita From Now On | Miguel Guindos | Spain 

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Man’s Best Friend | Marcus Støren | Norway 

Matapang | Léa-Jade Horlier | France 

Mirage | Nazanin Ghanbari Mohammadi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Mirrorty | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Mixed | Mina Sadat Hosseini | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Nachtbesuch | Joana Vogdt | Germany 

Nag | Hosein Torkjoosh | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Naked Men in the Woods | Paul Ploberger | Austria 

Nelson | Tijah Bumgarner | United States 

No | Kavoos Aghaei | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Off-Season | Francescu Artily | France 

Panic Attack | Anthony Assad | Ireland 

Parvaz Mahiha | Mohammad Towrivarian | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Presto | Keyvan Ahmadi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Privacy | Habib Zahirnia, Meisam Amiri Hoseini | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Recess | Kerem Ergün, Ismet Ergün | Germany 

REM | Muhammadreza Yarikia | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Resurrection under the Ocean | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Rooftop | Nevena Nikolova, Petar Gerzilov | Bulgaria 

Safe | Josema Roig | Spain 

Shards | Henrik Dahlbring | Sweden 

Sky(pe) | Riccardo Menicatti, Bruno Ugioli | Italy 

Sleeping Jade | Jonathan Boissinot | France 

Slight Pain | Poya Nabi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Small Town Movie | Jarret Liotta | United States 

Something More | Joshua Butler | United States 

Somewhere to Stay | Amirhossein Hatami | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Sphinx | Hamid Yousefi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Stain | Anna Evtushenko | United States 

Subzero | Laleh Noureddin Mousa | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Suffocation | Mahmoud Atshani | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Survivers | Carlos Gómez-Trigo | Spain 

Survivor | Karim Azimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Synthesis | Mohammad Towrivarian | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

That’s what I’m gonna do | Michaël Theus, Nicolaï Tchetchelacvili | Switzerland 

The Analogy of Space | Oleksandr Hoisan | Ukraine 

The Bathtub | Sergi Marti Maltas | Spain 

The Creature | Muhammad Reza Yarikia | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Death Ox | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

The Dog | Mohsen Afshar | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Dream I’ve Never Had | Majid Halvaei | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Ghost Hunter | Michael Hollis | Australia 

The Imperceptible | Parviz Rajaei (khazan) | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Invitation | Luigi Reniery | Spain 

The Last Child | Serna Amini | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Last Dinner | Marie-Ange Casalta | France 

The Librarian | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

The Midway Pact | Pourya Osati | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Mosquito | Joshua Ebrahimi | United States 

The Naming of the Things | Gadi Rubin | United States 

The Old Young Crow | Liam LoPinto | Japan 

The One-Way Ticket | Melika Rezapour | Germany 

The Online Shop | Carsten Woike | Germany 

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Star | Nadav Lapid | Israel 

The Steak | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Two Lives of Sepideh | Soha Niasti | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The White Costume | Baset Sandi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Titi | Marzieh Fakhar | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Torment | Arturo Mombiedro | Spain 

Trinkhalle | Alexa Ramthun | Germany 

Unjustified | Mohammad R. Khavari | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Unnamed | Iranmehr – Salimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Vigil Hours | Marko Marinkovic | Serbia 

Vina | Bahareh Aghajari | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Vis A Vis | Soheil Kiani | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Waiting Room | Giovanni Mazzarà | Italy | 

When the Monsters Come out | James Amuta | Nigeria 

Winds of springtime | Carmen Pedrero | Spain 

Witness | Aida tebianian | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Best British Short Film

440 | Akeel Khan, Abdullah Anees 

A Dream Dark Day | Aaron Stephen Bishop 

A London Portrait | Rizan Fateema 

Apache Rain | Nick Maltby 

Are We Friends? | Luke David Sims 

Baby Boy | Greg Hall 

Background | Xuan Qin 

Bad Habits | Jacob Dudman 

Bedtime | Matt Davies 

Between the Lines | Dom Lee 

Bin Day | Elliot Taylor 

Borne | Claire Heather Molloy 

Buvons | Iván Kozirev, Daniel Joseph 

By Any Other Name | Daniel Deville 

By the time I came looking you were already gone | Inti Rowland 

Can We Talk? | Tom Gimlette 

Car Sick | David Hayman Jr 

Chairs | James Hughes 

Conversion | Richard Broomfield 

Crocodile | Liam Steers, Frankie Lipman 

Don’t Choke | Sonny Baez 

Erica’s Game | Eben Skilleter 

Fade | Neilson Black 

Fate Takes The Wheel | Ade Yinka Kosoko 

First Timers | Hector Bell 

Fragile Reflections | Andrew Short 

GHANIMAH | Sai karan Talwar 

Good Grief | Robert Sharp 

GRIM | Grace Alwyn Ashworth 

Growing Pains | Robert Smith 

Her Castle | Daniel Ellerby 

Hidden | Paul Riordan 

Hymn & Her | Adam Nightingale 

I Am What Remains | Senal Ranatunga 

In the Dark | Sam A. James 

In The Shadow of Darkness | Manjeet Gill, Andrew Walker 

Innocent | Carolin Pech 

It Is What It Is | Ryan Edwards 

Jam | Crystal Leaity

Joni | Gregory Nice, Jack Stanton 

Kind-Hearted Intermission | Ian Roberts 

Kiran | Bhulla Beghal 

Learning to Swim | Trudie Shutler 

Lies on the Line | Nicole Sarah Fry 

Lone Star Tick | Ewan McIntosh 

Lost and Found | Erica Miller 

Love’s Defiling Moment | Richard Gren William Crooks 

Man Off The Coast | Matt Sedgley 

ManMade | Plum Stupple-Harris 

Melody | Jubair Khan 

Merman | Madeleine Wynn 

Midnight Ride | Alessandro Farrattini Pojani 

Moon Mountain | Inti Rowland 

Mother’s Day | Theo Kaufman 

Museum Piece | Steven Lancefield 

My Darling Amelia | Talor John Marshall 

Obsidian Hounds | Richard Anthony Dunford 

Òran na h-Eala | Steve Exeter 

Outlets | Duncan Cowles 

Pick Me Up | Jack Archer 

Playing Away | A D Cooper 

Pushing Daisy | Leah Revivo 

Read to Me | Dan Horrigan 

Red Black Green | Naphat Boonyaprapa 

Release | Daniel Johns 

Roof | Sam Roy

Rummy | Rebecca Tuffin 

Run | Matthew Bartlett 

Ruth | Paul Romero Méndez, Arturo M. Antolín 

Salz Got Herpeez | Ravin Vythelingum 

Same Time Next Year? | Nagham El-Khoury 

Save the Orchid | Vladislav Motorichev 

Scavengers | Hugo Cavalier 

Scrutiny | James Quinn

Sensibility | Ben Kernow 

Siblings | Daniel Thomas Glenn-Barbour 

Small Town, Big Hell | Martha Dunlea 

Snapshot | John Clark

Spag Bol | BRICK 

Sugar Babies | Harry Shaw 

Suong | Evan Preston 

Synapses | Reece Berry 

Tell Me You Love Me | Paulette Randall MBE 

Tempest | Jake Hoang 

The Briefcase | Vijay Varman 

The Cornucopia Club | Joseph Archer 

The Elegy | Sarmukh Hundal 

The Five Stages of Wardrobe Assembly | Dan Ackroyd 

The Gig | Xander Turian 

The Halo Effect | Phoebe Eleanor White 

The Last Bee On Earth | Nick Flugge 

The Liver | Daniel Brereton 

The Magical World Of Miracles | Elle Van Knoll 

The Misunderstanding | Alastair Marshall 

The Pink Pill | Cassiah Joski-Jethi 

The School System | Jesse Roth 

The Stag | Evan Preston 

The Tortuer | Peyman Mandegar 

The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Ballad of the Cuck and the Eunuch |  Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey 

Time Spent | Rob Daniel Hutt 

Tin Foil Flat | Ruari Barratt 

Toast | Lawrence Rowe

Tom, Dick and Harry | Asim Dar 

Two Stars Short | Zak Klein 

Unthinkable Conversations | Emma Richardson 

Vulnerable | Adam Bellamy 

When This You See | Megan Lyons 

Whispers of Smoke | Nathan Theys 

You’re Out | Indira Townend

Best Short Documentary

Berook | Andreas Johansson | Sweden 

BREXIT Field Trip | Fritz H Kohle | Netherlands 

Connect | Satoru Okabe | Japan 

Culture Talk on the Radio | Errkaa | Germany 

Disturbed | Michael-Claude Winfield | United States 

Finding Stillness | Ricky Gane, Sarah Gane | United Kingdom 

For The Better | Jay Dixon | United Kingdom 

Game Over | Saeed Mayahy, Miriam Carlsen | Turkey 

Garden State | Julie Langsam | United States 

in·spi·ra·tion | Patrick Crellin, Bethany White | United Kingdom 

Lights, Camera, Economics: Independent Film in the UK | Nick Spyropoulos | United Kingdom 

Now that we are all here | Nicolás Fernández-Montes Cuberta, Javi Espárrago, Ignacio Peñalver Peinado, Carmen Macías | Spain 

Other Times | Xavier Guàrdia | Spain 

Rootless | Defne Özden | United Kingdom 

The Analogy of Space | Oleksandr Hoisan | Ukraine 

The Most Beautiful Corner in the World | Robo Mihály | Slovakia 

Three Sisters | Iman Behrouzi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Under the Impression | William Thomas Rabbitt | United Kingdom 

Unnamed | Iranmehr – Salimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Best Animated Short

A World in Chaos | David Crisp | Hungary 

AstroSquad Teaser | Siwapong Ruenrerng, Chromatic Graph Team – | Thailand 

Clowning Around | Robert Brown | United Kingdom 

David | Patrick Ward | United States 

Demi-Gods | Martin Gerigk | Germany 

Everywhere | Step Cheung, Kai Chung Ng | Hong Kong 

Franklin | Maddy Stevens | United States 

Freedom St. 24/2 | Galya Bistritskaya, Katerina Eli | Israel 

Future Of… | Scott Coello | United Kingdom 

Insomnia | Zhenya Orekhova, Kristina Riaposova | Russian Federation 

Kicking a ball really hard into the face of a child (and the subsequent act of revenge) | Ian Roberts | United Kingdom 

love bubbles | Marcel Hobi | Switzerland 

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Meet Again (JAEHOE) | Ap-sol Kang | Korea, Republic of 

Mr. Copycat | Mr Men 50th Anniversary Tribute | Kieran Firth-Bernard | United Kingdom 

Odd One Out | Micky Wozny | United Kingdom 

Our Tight House | Gyopár Orsolya Búzási | Hungary 

Remembering Nearfield | Sean Alexander Carney | United Kingdom 

Scratch | Levente Lajtai | United Kingdom 

Shadow day | Renata Ramos | Colombia 

Shakespeare for all Ages | Hannes Rall | Germany 

Temporarily Removed | Dotan Goldwaser, Yoav Brill | Israel 

the analogy of space | Oleksandr Hoisan | Ukraine 

The Holiday Maker | Harry Mead | United Kingdom 

The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth | Joël Gibbs | United States 

The mysterious Amulet | Simon Wendler | Austria 

The Red Ball | George Morgan | United Kingdom 

The Secret Diary of a High-Rise | Stephen James Ong | United Kingdom 

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Vicious Cycle | Tianyun lyu | United States 

Best Foreign New Director

A Different Day | Levi Kenneth Wise Catoe Jr. | United States 

Dawn of Death | Armin Rajaei | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Delusion | Sina Hadadi  | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Don Javier | Alejandro Llamas  | Mexico 

Falling Up | Maryam Bakhtiari  | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Fast Car | Fabio Cordero | Spain 

Handwritten | Sina Hadadi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Hole | Amirali Masomi Far | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Lucky Coin ! | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Malakout | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Mirrorty | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Pregnant | Golnaz Jamsheed | Iran 

Resurrection under the Ocean | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

Save the Orchid | Vladislav Motorichev | United Kingdom 

Still Life | Konstantinos Doxiadis | United Kingdom 

Stranger | Julia Hayden Fung | United States 

Survivor | Karim Azimi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Analogy of Space | Oleksandr Hoisan | Ukraine 

The Death Ox | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

The last Dinner | Marie-Ange Casalta | France 

The Librarian | Serkan Aktaş | Turkey 

The Old Young Crow | Liam LoPinto | Japan 

The other | Negah Sohrabi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Sprayer | Farnoosh Abedi | Iran, Islamic Republic of 

The Steak | Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi | Iran, Islamic Republic of

Best British New Director

A Bad Hand | Riley Dunmore

A Dream Dark Day  | Aaron Stephen Bishop

Belle | Joe Furey

Bin Day | Elliot Taylor

Birdsong | Liam Beazley

Black As Before | Craig Alexander Tonks  

Destroyer  | Albert Bullock

Dragons | Tyrese Shipp 

GHANIMAH | Sai karan Talwar

Heart’s Desire | Loren Alleyne

Lone Star Tick | Ewan McIntosh

Short Stay, Long Stay | Danny Carter

Siblings | Daniel Thomas Glenn-Barbour 

The Gig  | Xander Turian

This Feeling | Jack Fielder 




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