Special 10th Anniversary Screening

at Theatre Royal Winchester

Thursday 18 Nov 2021

7.30 - 10.00pm

Theatre Royal Winchester
Jewry Street
SO23 8SB

Box Office: 01962 840 440

5 Remarkable Award Winning Short Films

Director’s selection from a decade of eye-opening festival editions.

Hostel Eden

Director: Gonzaga Manso
Producer: Luis Manso
Cast: Juana Andueza, Mario Alberto Diez, Verónica Forgué, Rafael Revuelta, Yanet Sierra.
Spain, 2015
14:oo minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Poignant and sumptuous Spanish drama about the human condition from the perspective of a seedy hotel’s statue of the Virgin Mary. 
Best Foreign Short Film, Winchester Film Festival | Best Director, Festival de Cine Medina del Campo |Best Short Film, Anonumvl | Best Short Film, World Festival of Emerging Cinema |Best Short Film, International Bavarian Short Film Festival |Best Short, FIC Caldo |Premio del Public, Pietrsanta Film Festival |Best Wardrobe, Festival de Cine Medina del Campo | Silver Fram, Unprecedented Cinema Festival | Best Artistic Director, Festival de Cine de Comedia |Best Supporting Actress, Premio Pavez |Best Soundtrack, Premios Pavez | Best Short Film, Cort Ncontri |Best Screenplay, Cort Ncontri | Best Director, Corte Ncontri | Best Actor, Communidad de Madrid | Best Soundtrack, FIC.BiE | Golden Frame, Corto di SERA | Best Short, Corti in Cortille | Mejor Corto, Lo Cercacurts |Best Screenplay, VideoLab Film Festival |& MORE

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Whoever Was Using This Bed

Director: Andrew Kotatko
Producer: Marie Slaight, Andrew Kotatko
Cast: Jean-Marc Barr (The Big Blue, Europa), Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill), Jane Birkin (Death on the Nile)
Australia, 2016
20:oo minutes
Synopsis: Star-studded, multi-award winning Australian drama based on The Birdman by Raymond Carver. 
Platinum Award, Oregon Film Festival | Best Supporting Actress, BLOW-UP International Arthouse Film Festival |Best Director, Overcome Film Festival |Best Actor, Best Actress, European Film Festival |Best Short Film, European Film Festival |Best Director, The Howling Wold International Short Film Festival |Best Actor & Best Actress, Trinity International Film Festival |Best Film, Ouchy Film Awards |Best Actress, AM Egypt Film Festival |Best Director, Frostbite International Film Festival |Best Director, Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Festival |Best Picture, Baretower World Film Festival |1st Grand Jury Prize, Baretower World Film Festival |Best Short Film, Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards |Best Cinematography, Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival |REMI Winner, 50th Annual World-Houston International Film Festival |Best Actor & Actress, McMinnville Short Film Festival | Best Director, Canberra Film Festival |Best Actor, Canberra Film Festival |Best Actress,  TMFF |Best Director, The Golden Skull Film Festival |Best Actress, MEDFF |Best Short, Global Shorts |The Pinnacle Award, Elevation |Award of Excellence, Best Shorts |& MORE

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Director: Lars von Schuckmann
Producer: Jan Czmok
Cast: Freya Kreutzham, Bardo Böhlefeld, Carole Jachtmann, Maximilian Gehrlinger.
Germany, 2016
26:21 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: An eye-opening German sexual and spiritual road movie with cars – the first film ever made about the still largely unknown phenomenon of girlfags.

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Director: Séverine De Streyker, Maxime Feyers 
Producer: Maxime Feyers
Cast: Ingrid Heiderscheidt, François Maquet, Jean-Michel Balthazer, Bastien Ughetto, Judith Williquet, Arthur Marnaix.
Belgium, 2017
20:oo minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Multi-award winning, masterfully acted Belgian drama about a mother’s reaction to the discovery of her son’s ‘taboo’ secret.
Audience Award, Brussels Short Film Festival |Best Actress, Brussels Short Film Festival |Best Actress, CinEuphoria Awards |Top Short Films of the Year, CinEuphoria |Holebikort Award, Holebikort Short Film Festival |Special Mention, Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival |Best Supporting Actor, Satisfied Eye International Film Festival |Kidder Audience Choice Award, Lakeshore International Short Film Festival |Best Leading Actress, Prisma |Iris Prize |& MORE

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Nicole's Cage

Director: Josef Brandle
Producer: Rike Steyer
Cast: Feline Roggan, Marcel Mohab, Jacques Palminger.
Germany, 2018
15:oo minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Stylish German comedy-drama about the secret inner worlds of an ambitions couple…who think they know one another. 
Best Short Film, Munich Film Festival |Award of Merit Clujshorts Festival |Best Narrative, Short to The Point |Best Short, Shocking Shorts Awards |Best Visual Effects, Crypshow Film Festival |Best Actress nominee, Bucharest Short Film Festival |Audience Award Nominee, Der Phantastiche Trashfilm |Best Short Film, Red Rock Film Festival |Special Achievement Award, Red Rock Film Festival |Best Actress, Transylvania Shorts |& MORE

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