Wednesday 7 November 2018

P&G Wells
11 College Street

7.30 – 9.30pm

Midnight Confession

Award-winning Canadian comedy about a man reaching out to his friends from his sordid past in search of vindication.  Adult language. Directed by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos. 

Cult Film

British comedy set in the decade of video cassettes about a lonely bachelor who seeks solace in an extra-terrestrial cult. Directed by Alastair Cummings.


Belgian tragicomedy about a father’s touching attempt to unite a dysfunctional family. Directed by Pim Algoed. UK premiere. 

Final Review

Dutch metaphysical drama about a man who dies and finds himself in front of a life review panel who have awarded him only score of only 43% on his life. Directed by Jonathan Hertzberg. 

May Day

Darkly humorous Belgian satire about decision making in Brussels. Directed by Olivier Magis. 

Gas of the Rich

French political satire about a rich man’s perverted attempt to divide and rule. Directed by Arnaud Baur.

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Find out what we’re up to – follow us on social media


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