Tuesday 7 May 2019

The Stripe Lecture Room
University of Winchester
Sparkford Road
Winchester SO22 4NR

6.45 – 9.00pm

Students: FREE | Filmmakers & Crew: FREE | Staff & Guests FREE | Standard Ticket £5 | Concession >65 £3 

The Hampshire Prize

Short Films made in Hampshire from the WFF_Official Selection. 


Short film about a young ladette from the 90s who isn’t afraid to do her own thing. Starring Amy Doyle. Directed by Will Nash.


A seemingly ordinary date proves fleeting as seductions often promise more than they deliver. Directed by Bensalem Mitchell 


A short film about the depths we are willing to go to find the latest trends in Soho’s growing foodie culture. Directed by Michael Middleton-Downer

Flat Out

A young boy’s learns his trade in a race for the ultimate prize . Directed by Matthieu Livingston. 

Battle of Braemar

Short documentary that follows a tug of war team in their quest for an elusive victory. Directed by Peter Lisney. 

Desire Line

When tragedy occurs one Valentine’s day, we turn to a bot for answers. Directed by Ruini Shi.

Meat Juice

A psychedelic and psychological short…with beans. Directed by Ian Roberts. 

Find out what we’re up to – follow us on social media

Find out what we’re up to – follow us on social media


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