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Carga by Bruno Gascon

Saturday 3 November, The  Stripe, Winchester
“Professor Andrew Melrose in conversation with Baljit Soroya”
talking about human trafficking.


“Painfully brave,

visually stunning,


and inspiring.”

Director Statement - Bruno Gascon

“Sometimes good people do bad things and bad people do good things.”

This is the story of Viktoriya, a young woman who throw away everything in search of a better life. Tackling the issue of human trafficking, Carga is  a film about choices, survival instinct and strong women who refuse to be victims.  

When Viktoriya, and outspoken migrant girl fleeing crisis, is abducted as just one of millions of victims of trafficking her strong-willed fight for survival sets off an explosion in the equilibrium of the male-headed network. 

Viktoriya’s journey is not real, but represents the journey of millions of people around the world that are caught in human trafficking networks –  closer to home than we may think.

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This WFF premiere screening includes, prior to the  film, a discussion about the theme of the film with
“Professor Andrew Melrose in conversation with Baljit Soroya”   

Saturday 3rd November
The Stripe, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road,
Time: 18.30 to 22.00
Early Bird Tickets: £9.60 (20% before 1 September 2018. Full price after 1 September £12.00)
Student Ticket: £6
Concession for under 25s: £8
Concession for over 65s: £8

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