Planetarium Screening

Monday 8 Nov 2021

The Science Centre
Telegraph Way
SO21 1HZ

7.00 – 9.30pm

Rob Ferrin (Head of Film at University of Winchester) and John Hayes (Festival Director), with special guest poet & visual artist Hugh Greasely.

Audience Q&A
This screening includes an audience Q&A with Joshua Hext, director of This Camera is Broken.

This Camera is Broken

Director: Joshua Hext
Producer: Andrew St Maur
Cast: Annabel Leventon, Ali Mylon, Cheryl Burniston.
UK, 2019 
09:03 minutes
In this wonderfully constructed, poignant film an ageing director working on her final film finds the line between the present and the past begins to blur.


Director: Foster Wilson
Producer: Rebecca Bartlett
Cast: .Grace Kendall, Justin Deeley, Chris Devlin.
USA, 2019 
18:01 minutes
A grieving superstar returns to work after the tragic death of her husband and courageously delivers one of the greatest performances of her life.

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Director: Anna Kasińska
Producer: Joanna Ruta Baranowska, Anna Kasińska
Cast: Agnieszka Grochowska, Joanna Brodzik, Karolina Porcari, Justyna Suwala.
Poland, 2019 
19:54 minutes, subtitled
Set in the near future, this Polish short has beautiful art direction as it tells a roller-coaster tale of four women in search of a sperm donor.

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Nearby Memories

Director: Pauline Moreau
Producer: Geoffroy Virgery, Pauline Moreau.
Cast: Sasha Hékimian, David Clavel, Padrig Vion, Morgane Goaziou, Benoit Bouvet.
France, 2019 
14:48 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: In this beautiful and lyrical short from France we follow Olivia as she embarks on a magical boat trip full of memories. 

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Bajo la Palmera

Director: Pau Bacardit
Producer: Pau Bacardit
Cast: .Borja Espinosa, Silvia Casanova.
Spain, 2019 
20:00 minutes, subtitled
A journalist embarks on a quest to find the real protagonists who inspired a novel by the celebrated Spanish writer Lorca, only to be thwarted by the truth. A superb and hugely relevant film.

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