Whispers from Iran

Tuesday 8 November 2022

The Planetarium, Winchester Science Centre, Telegraph Way, Winchester SO21 1HZ

7.00 – 10.00pm


Introduction to censorship in Iran

This screening includes an introduction to how censorship in Iran, derived from the Sharia law after the 1979 revolution, limits the sphere within which Iranian filmmakers operate.

We ask the question: How do filmmakers get around censorship to tackle prohibited topics and themes? What strategies do the directors of the four short films on offer employ? And what controversial topics are they trying to communicate?

Behind the Yellow Line

Director: Javad HabibPour
Producer: Ali Ajoorloo, Javad Habibpour
Cast: Meysam Valikhani, Saharnaz Abaszade.
Iran, 2019
21:50 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: An extremely brave and imaginative short film from Iran, as a young couple set out on a journey with two very different destinations.

Death Locked Out

Director: Amir Karami
Producer: Mohammad Pour Bozorg.
Cast: Nazanin Falahi, Afshin Jalali, Maryam Boobani.
Iran, 2019
18:59 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: A thoughtful Iranian short giving an intimate study of attitudes to death, marriage and society in an Islamic country.


Director: Nasser Zamiri
Producer: Nasser Zamiri, Afsaneh Arzamani
Cast: Mehrdad Bakhshi, Neda Asadi, Ali Yazarloo.
Iran, 2020
19:29 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: Ebrahim’s chronic insomnia is causing tension between him and his wife. What could be causing it? An emmotive and challenging short.
| Director’s Pick | WFF_2021 Best Foreign Short Film winner

The Other

Director: Samko Brothers (Saman Hosseinpuor & Ako Zandkarimi)
Producer: Samko Brothers, Ravinder Dhaka, Diman Zandi & IYCS
Cast: Majid Potki, Shenia Mozafarian, Mohammad Kermanshahi.
Kurdis, produced in Iran, 2020
24:42 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: This intimate film explores the effect of the death of a mother on her husband and daughter.

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