Eclipse Screening

Wednesday 10 Nov 2021

The Eclipse Inn
25 The Square, Winchester SO23 9EX

7.30 – 10.0pm

5 Out of the Ordinary Thrillers

Off Grid

Diretor: Carl Timms
Producer: Pip Piper, Carl Timms, Mark Brendan.
Cast: James Cosmo MBE, (Trainspotting), Alison Steadman OBE, (Gavin and Stacey).
UK, 2020
16:41 minutes
Synopsis: An A-list cast for this post-apocalyptic thriller which cleverly explores isolation and paranoia.

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The Dead Ones

Diretor: Stefan Georgiou
Producer: Elettra Pizzi, Ed Bugge
Cast: Olivia Hallinan, Sebastian Armesto, Vinette Robinson, Jim Conway.
UK, 2019
19:00 minutes. Subtitled.
Synopsis: A tense, haunting  thriller-horror about guilt and redemption, brilliantly directed.

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Diretor: Ben Reid
Producer: Tibo Travers, Ken Ross.
Cast: Tommy Jessop (Line of Duty), Alice Lowe (Hot Fuzz), Lawrence Spellman (Chernobyl), Richard Glover (Darkest Hour), Beth Asher (Wild Bill), Faraz Ayub (Bodyguard).
UK, 2020
19:50 minutes
Synopsis: Brilliantly acted, thought-provoking drama which challenges screen stereotypes.

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Don't Walk

Diretor: Hannah George
Producer: Matt Hitt.
Cast: Toby Williams (Paddington, Sex Education), Rachel Stubbings (Sally 4 Ever), Richard Rycroft (Game of Thrones), Sukh Ojla (Victoria & Abdul).
UK, 2019
07:58 minutes
Synopsis: Two risk-averse walkers decide to throw caution to the wind – a funny, scary and bewitching short by a master filmmaker.

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Diretor: Simon Ross
Producer: David Cunningham, Stephen Cranny.
Cast: Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica, Strike Back), Kerry Norton (Bad Girls), David Yelland (Chariots of Fire).
UK, 2019
11:04 minutes
Synopsis: A fast-moving, taut thriller combining an identity crisis and a growing anxiety – all carried off by a superb cast.
Contains profanities.

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