Best British Short Films 2023-2024

Friday 1st March 2024

West Down’s Auditorium, The University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester SO22 5FT

7.30 – 10.0pm

Directors, Producers, Actors and Writers in attendance for audience Q&As

Director: Greg Hall | Baby Boy
Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor | Tell Me You Love Me
Producer: Lee Morgan | Tell Me You Love Me
Director: Ian Roberts | Kind-Hearted Intermission
Diretor: Loren Alleyne | Heart’s Desire
Co-Directors & Producers: Paul Romero Méndez & Arturo M. Antolín | Ruth
Writers: Arturo M. Antolín, Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor | Ruth
Composer: Christian Lloyd
 | Ruth
Actor: Ania Marson | Ruth
DOP: Tom Watts | Ruth
Production Manager & 1st AD: Kristofer Norvik | Ruth
Director: James Hughes | Chairs

Baby Boy

Director: Greg Hall In attendance for audience Q&A
Greg Hall, George Russo
Producer:Jamie-Louise Davis
Cast: George Russo, Kellie Shirley, Dior Clarke
UK, 2023
17 minutes
Language: English
Age Rating: 18
Synopsis: An adrenaline fuelled dark British drama following a sexually repressed London black cab driver, who abandons his wife and children in favour of  a wild weekend of crack cocaine, robbery and violence with his young queer lover. The film explores addiction, sexuality and masculinity against the backdrop of modern day London.

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Tell Me You Love Me

Director: Paulette Randall MBE
Writer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor In attendance for Q&A
Lee Morgan In attendance
Cast: Tamzin Outhwaite, Danny Bayne
UK, 2023
11.30 minutes
Language: English
Age Rating: 18 
Synopsis: A poignant, heartfelt British drama about the celebration of deep love between two scarred siblings before one of them makes ultimate sacrifice. Starring  Tamzin Outhwaite (Death in Paradise, Ridley Road.)

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Kind-Hearted Intermission

Director: Ian Roberts, In attendance for audience Q&A
Writer: Ian Roberts
Producer: Ian Roberts
Key Cast: Ian Roberts 
United Kingdom, 2023
6:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: English
Synopsis: An intoxicating and hugely relevant tale about the exploitation of our feelings by companies trying to sell us happiness –  by the wildly experimental director Ian Roberts who has almost won numerous awards at film festivals all over the world.

The Liver

Director: Daniel Brereton
Writer: Brian Martin
Producer: James Copson
Cast: Adrian McLoughlin, David Hayman
UK, 2023
11:14 minutes
Age Rating: 18
Synopsis: A hugely relevant contemporary rendering of a Gothic fairy-tale about an anti-hero who releases tortured and decaying souls – set in the collapsing modern social care system. 

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Heart's Desire

Director: Loren Alleyne, In attendance for audience Q&A
Producer: Loren Alleyne
Cast: Ed Petrie, Sabishan Vasanthakumaran, Mtthew Spencer (Voice), Sam Redfod (Voice)
UK, 2023
4 minutes 15 seconds
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: A tremendously relatable and well crafted short take on the old adage: Be careful what you wish for!


Directors: Paul Romero Méndez, Arturo M. Antolín In attendance for audience Q&A
Writers: Arturo M. Antolín, Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor  In attendance for audience Q&A
Producers: Paul Romero Méndez, Arturo M. Antolín
Composer: Christian Lloyd In attendance 
Tom Watts In attendance
Cast: Ania Marson (in attendance) , Leslie Ash, David Sterne, Alex Boorman, Catherine Banks, Levon Gharibian, Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor, Nicola Jane Francis
UK, 2022
13:16 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: Shot in a single 12 minute take, this intimate, expertly directed film places the audience in the shoes of Ruth, a lady with dementia who co-exists in an enchanting remembered world and the unforgiving present. 

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Director: James Hughes In attendance for audience Q&A
Producer: James Hughes
Jean-Pascal Beintus
Cast: Georgina Campbell (Barbarian) and Akemnji Ndifornyen (The Queen’s Gambit), Brittany Ashworth
UK, 2023
20: minutes
Language: English
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: Refreshingly uplifting, wonderfully acted and beautifully produced drama about a man with a rather particular obsession, starring BAFTA winners Georgina Campbell (Barbarian) and Akemnji Ndifornyen (The Queen’s Gambit).

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