Hampshire Records Office Screening

Thursday 11 Nov 2021

Hampshire Records Office
Sussex Street
Winchester SO23 8TH

7.00 – 9.30pm

Dr Estrella Sendra Fernandez, 
University of Southampton. 

Audience Q&A
This screening includes an audience Q&A with actresses Geraldine Somerville (Sydney, Gosford Park, Harry Potter) and Emily Laing (Sydney, The Go Between) and with Maj Jukic, director of My Dad Marie.

Yael's Room

Director: Shir Cohen
Producer: Shira Cohen
Cast: Noga Katz, Smadar Kilchinski, Eyal Nachmias, Ron Merhavi, Yafa Nachum.
Israel, 2020
22:45 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: Yael is struggling with being a teenage woman, struggling with her mother and struggling with the hierarchy of the kibbutz where she lives. A well observed and brilliantly directed short film.

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The Ice Cubes

Director: Sara Dufossé
Producer: La Ravageuse Saga
Cast: Louise Manteau, Gaël Soudron.
Belgium, 2020
10:21 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: A wonderfully bittersweet short from Belgium exploring the aftermath of a couple’s separation.

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Director: Paul Wyett
Producer: Kieren Bew
Cast: Geraldine Somerville (Gosford Park, Harry Potter), Emily Laing (The Go Between), Elliot Cowan (The Spanish Princess, Da Vinci’s Demons).
UK, 2020
16:41 minutes.
Synopsis: Beautifully acted, intimate British drama exploring the fragile bond between mother and daughter.

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Director: Natalia Lampropoulou
Producer: Sotiris Petridis
Cast: Ioanna Lamni, Yannis Grezios, Marianna Pouregka.
Greece, 2020
10:07 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: A middle-aged woman works on a sex phone line so that she can stay at home and support her paraplegic daughter. It’s a good idea … until there is an unexpected caller.

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Blue Ashes

Director: Thaddeus Christandl
Producer: Thaddeus Christandl
Cast: Adrien Bienvenu, Anne Hélène Orvelin, Zoé Catherine.
France, 2019
14:57 minutes. Subtitled
Synopsis: In this extremely timely film from France, a young family are desperate to leave the country – but at what price?

My Dad Marie

Director: Maj Jukic
Producer: Dominic Baker
Cast: Marc Baylis (Arcadia, Coronation Street), Jennifer Preston (Britannia, Borg McEnroe), Harry Pudwell.
UK, 2020
14:34 minutes. 
Synopsis: An emotionally sensitive exploration of the relationship between a parent and child during the early stages of a transition.

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