Ian's Magic Box

Saturday 12 Nov 2022

The Lido, Hyde Church Lane, Winchester, SO23 7DZ

7.00pm – 10pm

The Lido – one of Winchester’s best kept secrets –  is where the Rolling Stones and the Stranglers performed in December 1963.This year it’s 5 wonderfully weird shorts to disrupt routine and reason, selected by Winchester Film Festival’s very own experimentalist Ian Roberts.

Includes 2 UK premieres

This unique evening holds a few surprises, including live music by SPOD, an ‘inflated’ piece of artwork by Andrew Carnie, surreal paintings by Mark Michael and poetry by Hugh Greasley.

Please not that in the event that there are more people than chairs, younger or fitter members of the audience may choose to stand as this is an immersive experience.


Maneki Neko

Director: Manolis Mavris
Producer: Mando and Myrto Stathi
Cast: Giannis Diamantis, Nikol Drizi, Maria Filini, Haris Fragoulis, Anna Mihailou, Nikolitsa Ntrizi, Christos Stergioglou
Greece, 2018
18:51 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Mind-boggling, multi-award winning Greek drama that magically entwines the desires of two strangers.

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Pure White

Director: Sven Windszus
Producer: Sven Windszus
Cast: Julia Caron, Eva Kwade.
Germany, 2018
4:00 minutes
Synopsis: In a perfect world, a damaged anatomy model converses with her creator to find a reason for her imperfection.



UK Premiere
Karolina Monwid – Olechnowicz
Producer: Krzysztof Doktorowicz
Cast: Martyna Dylag, Klaudia Janas.
Poland, 2022
13:00 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: A microscopic insight into someone else’s psyche.

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There is no Peace of Mind

UK Premiere
Original title: 
Nie ma spokoju
Karol Ulman 
Poland, 2022
14:00 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: A middle-aged man chooses a rather radical path to reincarnation, into a ‘leafy’ world of pure being. 

Man or Tree

Director: Varun Raman & Tom Hancock
Writers: Tom Hancock & Varun Raman
Cast: Daniel Campbell, Michael Shon, Shaun Wright.
UK, 2021
4:00 minutes
Synopsis: In the wilderness, a tree begins to question whether it may actually be a man tripping on hallucinogens 

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