Hyde Tavern Screening

Comedy Picks of the Decade

Friday 12 Nov 2021

The Hyde Tavern, 57 Hyde Street, Winchester SO23 7DY

7.30pm – 10pm

 Everything has been so serious for such a long time. This feel good screening (with a bit of bite) is designed to cheer everyone up and  reinvigorate the soul.  

Midnight Confession

Director: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
Producer: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Cabot McNenly, Sebastian Pardo, Reil Roch- Decter.
Cast: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Breed Wool, August Diehi, Anna Cordell, Julian Richings.
Canada, 2017
10:22 minutes
Synopsis: Award-winning Canadian satire about a man in search of vindication and redemption. A classic short and WFF Best Foreign Drama nominee.
Contains profanity and drug/alcohol use.

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Doing Big Jobs

Director: Johannes Huth
Producer: Matthias Renger, Philipp Lind, Jasmin Shahali, Johannes Huth
Cast: Lea marles Woitack, Jasmin Shahali, Phillipp Lind, Lucie Hollmann.
Germany, 2017
14:43 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Original German comedy-drama featuring love, jealousy, cocaine and a woman with terrible indigestion.
Contains profanity and drug/alcohol use.

Under Mon's Skirt

Director: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Producer: Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix
Cast: Françoise Miquelis, Sara Verhagen, Nacy Tate, Sylvain Savard.
France, 2017
12:10 minutes, subtitled
Synopsis: Clever, chic French comedy that challenges the generational gap between mother and daughter.

The Last Mermaid

Director: Fi Kelly
Producer: Angela Gourley
Cast: Janey Godley (Wild Rose), Sanjeev Kohli (Stan & Ollie), Gabriel Quigley (Him & Her), James Young (Outlander).
UK, 2018
16:08 minutes
Synopsis: Enchanting, heart-warming British comedy about an ageing, over-weight, brew-swilling mermaid tasked with keeping her species alive.


Director: Pim Algoed
Producer: Marc Goyens
Cast: Max Pairon, Peter Van den Begin, Günther Lesage, Jan Bijvoet.
Belgium, 2017
21:23 minutes
Synopsis: Hugely original Belgian tragicomedy about a father’s touching attempt to unite his dysfunctional family. Set in India and Belgium.

And Then There Were Three

Director: Harvey Marcus
Producer: Bruise Film Ltd
Cast: Antonia Campell-Hughes (Bright Star), Tom Meeten (Skins).
UK, 2017
19:41 minutes
Synopsis: Dark British comedy where sexual mores, gender politics and suburban hanky panky collide.

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