Whispers from Iran 2

November 2023

While Iran produces a huge variety of films, these might surprise you. 

Amphitheatre, South Downs Centre

Date & time to be confirmed

Our Commitment to freedom of expression

 This year Winchester Film Festival continues its commitment to screening films from countries and cultures where filmmakers face tremendous difficulties creating films which tell their own stories. We believe film to be a vital tool in the battle for freedom of expression, particularly when that freedom is threatened by harsh governmental censorship laws.  In Iran, Sharia law introduced after the 1979 revolution continues to limit the sphere within which Iranian filmmakers operate. Screening films by Iranian filmmakers is our small step towards helping strengthen the call of “Woman, Life, Freedom”. 

Woman | Life | Freedom

Slight Stain

Director: Pouya Nabi
Producer: Alireza Alaviyan
DOP: Alireza Barazandeh
Key Cast: AGilda Vishki, Marjan Ettefaghian
Iran, 2023
30:00 minutes
Age Rating: 18

Persian with English subtitles
Synopsis:  A homosexual couple’s playful imagination turns into something murderous.  .

Falling Up

Director: Maryam Bakhtiari
Maryam Bakhtiari, Maryam Bakhtiari
Cast: Vahid Raad, Maryam Bakhtiari
Iran, 2023
15: minutes
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: A man’s dream doesn’t proceed as ordered and the company that produces dreams gives a very strange and thought-provoking instruction. 

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The Two Lives of Sepideh

Director: Soha Niasti
Producer: Soha Niasti
DOP: Adib Sobhani
Key Cast: 
Neda Jebraeili
Iran, 2023
17:10 minutes.
Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: In this sophisticated and touching drama,  a young woman decides to pay her estranged mother a visit to see if she still remembers all the wrongs she has done to her.


Director: Kavoos Aghaei
Producer: Mani Asadian
Key Cast: Behrad Kharazi
Iran, 2023
12:07 minutes.
Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: A young woman finds her voice.

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Director: Karim Azimi
 Rojin Azimi, Farnaz Tarighnavardi, Karim Azimi
Producers: Karim Azimi, Farshid Alizadeh
Key Cast: Nader Mehdilo, Sadegh Molaii, Sayeh Abbaspor, Samad Vahedizadeh
Iran, 2023
13:30 minutes. 
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: In this hugely relevant film, unforeseen circumstances threaten a young couple trying to escape to ‘the light of the world’.    

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Director: Muhammadreza Yarikia
Producer: Muhammadreza Yarikia
Key Cast: Rasool Ghaderi, Atefeh Makvandi, Ali Hooshmand
Director of Photography:  
Shahin AraghiIran
Iran, 2023
20:00 minutes.
Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: In this subtle, thoughtful film, an obsessive-compulsive wife and a lazy, disorganised husband with a paralysing illness play out the ultimate tragedy.  

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Director: Laleh Noureddin Mousa
Producer: Laleh Noureddin Mousa
First Assistant Director:
Hesam Dezfouli
Key Cast: Aylar Yousefizadeh, Mahdi Zareh, Sadegh Hoseini, Iman Haj Azimian, Hosein Yaghoubi, Kimia Sameni, Ahmad Ebrahimi, Bamdad Tajik, Reza Azizi, Amir Shakiba Manesh, Hesam Dezfouli, Sheida Rezvanian, Ghasem Ghanbari
Director of Photography:  Alireza Ajdadi
Iran, 2023
10:00 minutes. 
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Age Rating: 15
Synopsis: A  eye-opening short about  the realities of smuggling.   

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Directors: Fardin Ansari
Writers: Fardin Ansari
Producers: Fardin Ansari, Niloufar Sadeghi
DOP: Siavash Mazroui
Cast: Masoume Ghasemipour, Mahsa Ghafarzadeh, Asal Abiri
Iran, 2023
15:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: Version with English subtitles.
Synopsis: In this satirical response to the Arab Spring, an Iranian version of Lady Macbeth seeks out her husband to stop the slaughter,  completely unaware of Macbeth’s plans for her.

Gray House

Director: Bahram Afshari
Producer: Ebrahim Amerian
Distributor: MADAKTO pictures 
France, 2023 (filmed in Iran)
27:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Synopsis: At an Iranian house party, what begins as a joke turns into a something much more sinister…but not everything is as it seems.


Director: Keyvan Ahmad
Writer: Keyvan Ahmad, Behrooz Yazdani
Producers: Keyvan Ahmadi
Key Cast: Navid Bani, Mohammadali Miandar
Iran, 2023
30 mins 21 secs
Age Rating: 18
Language: Persian with English subtitles.
Synopsis: An eye-opening short film set in Iran’s invisible underworld.

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