The Lido Experience 2023

Saturday 18 Nov 2023

The Lido, Hyde Church Lane, Winchester, SO23 7DZ

7.00pm – 10pm

“The realisation that life is absurd cannot be an end, but a beginning” – Albert Camus

The Lido is one of Winchester’s best kept secrets. The Rolling Stones performed here in December 1963, and later the Stranglers. This November it’s six wonderfully absurd films to short circuit the mind and liberate the soul.

Naked Men in the Woods

Director: Paul Ploberger
Producer: Jakob Widmann
Writers: Benjamin Kornfeld, Paul Ploberger
Key Cast: Angelika Niedetzky, David Oberkogler.
Austria, 2022
30:00 minutes
Age Rating: 18

German with English subtitles
Synopsis: This delightfully human tragicomedy from Austria is about a complicated marriage. She has a tumour. He is gay. Both of them want to keep it a secret, until….

Kind-Hearted Intermission

Director: Ian Roberts
Writer: Ian Roberts
Producer: Ian Roberts
Key Cast: Ian Roberts 
United Kingdom, 2023
6:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: English
Synopsis: An intoxicating and hugely relevant tale about the exploitation of our feelings by companies trying to sell us happiness –  by the wildly experimental director Ian Roberts who has almost won numerous awards at film festivals all over the world.

Adieu Gaston

Director: Victor Guilbaud
Writer: Guilbaud Victor
Producer: Thibault Bilien
Key Cast: Michel Vignet, Vincent Schmit.
France, 2023
15:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: French with English subtitles
Synopsis: Inspired by the wild west, in this wonderfully constructed French suspense-comedy a hitman on a bicycle replaces the lone bounty hunter on a horse. 

The Last Dinner

Director: Marie-Ange Casalta
Writers: Marie-Ange Casalta
Producers: Romuald Boulanger, Marie-Ange Casalta
Key Cast: Roger Bart (Desperate Housewives), François-Xavier Demaison (Coluche), Paul Spera (On the Line), Sabine Crossen
France, 2023
15:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: English
Synopsis: In this exquisitely acted French tragicomedy, Simon finds out that there is going to be a nuclear attack in 20 minutes, but decides not to tell his friends so they can enjoy the last moments of their lives. But Simon is only human…

The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Cuck and The Eunuch)

Directors: Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey
Writers: Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey
Producers: Finbar Somers, Seán Mackey
Cast: Laurence Saunders, Jase Rivers, Rosario Vestaglio
UK, 2023
25:00 minutes
Age Rating: 15
Language: English
Synopsis: A humiliated businessman strikes a maniacal pact with a reclusive war veteran to take revenge on the man that cuckolded him – a genre-bending kaleidoscopic ride that explores male toxicity, betrayal and companionship.

Don't Choke

Director: Sonny Baez
Producers: Lucas Ferrara, Thomas Nangle, Fabricio Brandi, Natalia Marian Walls. Sonny Baez
Key Cast: Chloe Wigmore,  Mark Rush, Lotte Lawton, Daniel Reed
UK, 2022
24 mins 21 secs
Age Rating: 15
Language: English
Synopsis: A black comedy-drama short film depicts a divorcing couple that plays a tennis match for the custody of their daughter. 

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