The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Friday 23February 2024 
Hampshire Record Office, Sussex Street, Winchester, SO23 8TH

7.00pm to 10pm

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We are delighted to announce that in attendance for audience Q&A will be
director Saara Lamberg, actor Jamie Lee-Hill & musician Gabriel Collins.

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Director & Producer: Saara Lamberg
Key Cast:
Saara Lamberg, Jane Badler, James Dudelson, Samantha Greenwood, David Farrington.
 90 minutes
Genre: Mockumentary, Comedy, Arthouse, Experimental.
Rating: 18
Country of Origin:
Premiere: Cannes Film Festival Cinephile Screening.


The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a brave, unique and bubble-popping mockumentary about the trials and tribulations of making an independent arthouse film in today’s world. It asks fundamental questions about truth, honesty, self-deception and self-curation. 

Experimental, non-linear and fully improvised, unlike traditional films that sweep us along, trance-like to a happy ending, director Saara Lamberg offers a film experience in which we remain slightly detached, alert, self-aware and emotionally restless. Lamberg affords us the time and space to both engage with the film and to simultaneously reflect on the challenges that come with being an independent, free-spirited creative (if you happen to be one). 

If this all sounds a touch pretentious, then Lamberg is well aware if it. “In one of her cheekiest moments she allows her art to be ‘mansplained’ by actors who postulate about the meaning of the film, ironically partaking in the same dissection of the film that Lamberg herself is doing.”

In short, The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a film within a film about filmmaking. While not the first mockumentary to satirise the film industry, what sets Lamberg’s apart is that while she takes centre stage as narrator and actor, she affords as much importance to the viewer as she does to herself. 

Saara Lamberg

Saara Lamberg is a Finnish Australian director, actor, writer and producer, known for her personal strength and courage in the face of adversity.
Director’s Awards
– Best Film and Best Director at Influx Awards (California 2022).
– Best Film and Best Director at Veracruz World Film Awards (Mexico 2022)
– Best Film at the IFF (Milan 2018), the Best Film at the FAFF (Los Angeles 2017)
– Cinema Australia Audience Award (Melbourne 2017)
– Bronze prize at the Beverly Hills screenplay contest (Hollywood 2013)
– Best Actor at Comfy Shorts (Melbourne 2014),
– Best Drama at the Connect Film Festival (Melbourne 2014)
– Best Actor (Lithuania 2004).

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